Tuesday, June 14, 2016

FB Party & Exciting NEWS!!

We had a blast on yesterday's CFRR Pre-event Facebook Party #2! Meez Carrie did an amazing job hosting! Lots of hugs and kisses out to her! Many thanks to the amazing authors, Julie Lessman, Elaine Stock, Marie Wells Coutu, Shelley Shepard Gray, Myra Johnson, Dani Pettrey, Susan Anne Mason, Kristi Ann Hunter, Carrie Turansky and Becky Wade! Their generosity and support for CFRR have truly blessed us. Sorry for all the "!!!!," we're just crazy excited! CFRR is just 2 months AWAY!!!


If you missed yesterday's party, don't fret, the next one will be July 20th! Mark your calendars!

And for the exciting news? Even though CFRR is not officially a non-profit, all donations, sponsorships and registration fees collected goes toward the event. There is no profit to be made. And due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to extend the standard registration fee for the remainder of the sign up period! So no late registration fee! What do you think? Are you as happy as I am?  So don’t delay any further. With this news, sign up now before we reach capacity!!


  1. The same time as ACFW Conference. :(

  2. Thanks again for putting on the FB party! You guys did a great job! Lots of good publicity for the event which is sure to be a big success! :)