Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Registration CLOSED! + Box of Books Giveaway Winner!

Hello! Registration is now closed.  Scroll on down to see if you are the winner of our registration giveaway.

Thank you all for bearing with us on our influx of social media blitz! Hope you don't mind as we continue to showcase some sneak peeks of awesome swag and giveaways from our authors.  For those that missed some of these "peeksies", as one of our guests, Beth from Faithfully Bookish so dearingly called them, here's a rehash.

Awesome swag and prizes, don't you think? How about this breaking news?!

Yep! You read correctly. Each CFRR registrant gets 3 books, courtesy of our sponsors & donors! Awesome! Right?!!

And now, let's announce our winner to the first giveaway prize at the event, a box of Christian fiction and a $10 gift card, courtesy of the stewards of the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat.

Congratulations Charity! I hope you'll pack light so you can carry this back in your suitcase! *wink wink!  Your prize will be presented to you at the event on August 24, 2016.  Thanks for registering!

**UPDATE 8/8/2016:  Unfortunately, Charity will not be able to join us at CFRR this summer. Therefore, a new winner was selected by Rafflecopter. And the winner is.....

For those that did not win, no worries. There are many more giveaways and prizes at the event!

If you've missed the deadline and did not register this year, and would like to be informed of future event dates, sign up to receive our news via email on the right sidebar. 



  1. Yay Charity!
    I love the peeksies! Keep them coming, Annie!

  2. This is awesome, J.C.!!!! Happy dancing!!!!!