Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Calling all Christian Fiction Addicts!

Are you ready for another fun thing to do?  I took this idea from one author's street team and thought it would be great to gear up for readers' registration for the 2017 Christian Fiction Readers Retreat!

So, how many can say they are a true Christian fiction addict?  OK, fine, I'd admit (well all 3 stewards will admit) that we are all Christian fiction addicts.  How about CFRR addicts?

Now what do you do with that?!

  • Accumulate points from now through July 30, 2017 at 12:00 AM EST (game period).  When we add the points up, we will know what type of addict you are!
  • And what does being a CFRR addict mean? First, it gives you bragging rights to others about how you LOVE CFRR and Christian fiction! Then, there are the little perks that comes with every game: the challenge.  And for the practical, how about goodies?
·         Addict-in-Training - Bragging rights
·         Spine Addict - CFRR sticker (designed by MeezCarrie)
·         Cover Addict - 5 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
·         Back Addict -  10 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
·         Page Addict - special book swag (TBD) + 10 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
·         Prologue Addict -  15 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
·         Acknowledgement Addict -  special book swag (TBD) + 15 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
·         Epilogue Addict - 20 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
·         Book Addict -  (1) book in the Christian fiction genre + 30 extra entries to the grand prize of the event.
    • Please note: Game open to all. If you won't be attending CFRR, you can still participate, but the grand prize is only open to attendees. If you reach Page Addict, Acknowledgement Addict or Book Addict, the tangible prizes can still be mailed to you, but your entries to the grand prize will be forfeited. 

    How do you rack up the points?

    1. Use tag #CFRRaddicts in everything! Every post, mentioned or shared via social media will get you points.
      • If you don't use the hashtag, we won't be able to see it nor give you the points.
      • And make sure your post/account is not private. If we can find it via the hashtag, it counts!
    2.  Each giveaway you entered on this website or on our Facebook Page will get you additional points. 
      • Those who already entered our "Guess the Speakers" Giveaway have already accumulated points.  (Not individual entries)
    3.  Each comment on our blog posts and Facebook original posts will get you points as of today through end of game period. (Not comments on posts originated by others)
    4.  Followers on our Facebook page will get you points. (Through game period only.)
    5.  Subscribe to get our posts emailed to you through game period  will get you points.  (Sidebar for link. And previous subscribers have already accumulated points.) 
    6.  Post our flyer (coming) at local coffee shops, libraries or anywhere you want to. Take a picture and share on our Facebook page or tag us. Remember to use hashtag #CFRRaddicts
    7.  Finally, fill out this FORM so we know who to give points to! Link also in image below: 

    Are you ready? Then, let the GAMES...begin.....

    O, WAIT!!!! Before you start, let us introduce two VERY important members added to the CFRR team!

    Beth Erin & Melony Teague will join us as Associates! Applause please!

    Here's a little bit about them.  I know you want to get to the games, so I'll make it short and sweet (by taking from their website).  If you want to know more about them, click on their photo, or wait until I update our "About" page. *wink wink

    Beth Erin:  Christian. Wife. Mommy. Avid Reader.
    Photo credits: © Beth Erin

    Melony Teague is a Freelance Writer, Ghost writer and Columnist.  Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends and Fun are things she is passionate about.  Photo credits: © Merk Photography

    Welcome ladies, let the games truly begin!


    1. So if I understand you correctly, I use the #CFRRaddicts in every post I make about books, in my review posts, comments on reading groups, etc?

      1. Comments are only on our Facebook original posts. As to #CFRRaddicts, if we can find it (NOT private) on social media, like Facebook (new or shared posts with the hashtag), instagram, pinterest, google+ and twitter, then it counts.

    2. Yay to having Beth and Melony on the team! Now I just have to remember to hashtag!

    3. Awesome Beth and Melony are joining in! I know it's going to be a fantastic #CFRR. My twin is coming with me this year.

      1. Woohoo! Awesome! We'll have a blast! So are you identical or fraternal twins?

    4. How did I miss this post? Maybe it was when my laptop died and lost most of my stuff. I seem to remember filling out a form, I'll do it again just in case.
      I must start adding that hashtag #CFFRaddicts

    5. So excited for this! So glad I get to go!!!

      1. O.. me too!! me too!! You have no idea!! LOVE YOU, my friend!!!