Monday, May 14, 2018

Candid Moments with CFRR author Carrie Turansky

Carrie, thank you for sharing this great pic of you sandwiched between a couple of wonderful readers at CFRR!

About Christian Fiction Readers Retreat...

In what ways have you participated in CFRR?

CT: I have some wonderful memories as I look back at CFRR 2016 and 2017! I have been blessed to take part as an author both years. It was a real treat to connect with reading friends and fellow authors! 

I met Sydney Anderson, Melony Teague, and Rachel Dixon, who have all been so supportive and encouraging to me. I remember listening to Ruthie’s inspiring talk that first year. I wiped tears from my eyes as she told how the Lord had worked in her life and how she was now using those challenging experiences in her writing. 

Carrie & Laura Frantz
Last year I connected with more reading friends and fellow authors. Talking one on one at lunch and during the book signing was so fun. I loved dressing up in costume and taking part in the speed chats too. Spending time with friends who share our love for reading is a blessing! 

I’m excited that the CFRR is coming to the East Coast in 2019, and I look forward to attending next year!

Beth: So many wonderful memories! 

Are you a hugger?

CT: Yes! I love to give and receive hugs from author friends and reading friends.

Beth: Hugs are nice!

Just for fun...

What secret talents do you have?

CT: I’m sort of a health nut, and I’ve been learning how to make yogurt, kefir, and all kinds of fermented foods. That might sound yucky, but they are really good for you!

Beth: Go, Carrie! I'm impressed!
Where is one place you want to visit that you haven't been before?

CT:I’d love to visit Dover, England, and see the White Cliffs of Dover, which is one of the settings for my latest English historical novel, Across the Blue.

Beth: The pictures look breathtaking!

If you could have any accents from anywhere in the world, what would you choose?

CT: Oh, I’d love to have a British accent. When I was young my friend and I used to have fun practicing different accents and recording ourselves.  I wish I still had those recordings.

Beth: Yes, love those Brits!

About reading...

What's your favorite genre to read? 

CT: Inspirational historical fiction is my first love, but I also enjoy reading contemporary romance and some romantic suspense.

Beth: I'm with you, Carrie!
How many books do you average per month?

CT:I read a lot of nonfiction books when I’m researching a new novel, probably 10 – 20, depending on the story. I enjoy listening to 1 - 2 audio books each month while I’m cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen. And I try to squeeze in 1 -2 inspirational novels a month, but that depends on my writing schedule.

Beth: Audiobooks are great for those times when your body needs to be moving but you mind can wander!

Why do you think reading Christian Fiction is so important?

I love Christian fiction! It’s not only clean and inspiring, the stories feature hope and redemption, and we all need more of that! 

Faith is woven into the lives of the characters, and that added dimension makes Christian fiction have a unique impact. I enjoy reading books with those elements, and those are the kind of stories I want to write! 

Beth: I completely agree!

About writing...

How many books have you written? Published?

CT: I wrote five full-length novels and one novella before my first novel was published in 2005. Across the Blue is my nineteenth published novel.

Beth: Wow! That's wonderful!

What genres do you write?

CT: I write English historical fiction now, but I’ve also written US historical fiction and inspirational contemporary romance.

Beth: Ooooo, I'd like to read your US fiction too!

What are you working on now? What is your next release?

CT: My next two English historical novels will tell the story of the McAlister Family and their struggle to be reunited after the three youngest siblings are separated from their mother and sent to Canada as British Home Children. 

The oldest sister, Laura, is determined to find her siblings and reunite her family, but she can't do it alone. Laura teams up with Andrew Frasier, who is investigating child emigration to Canada on behalf of the British government. 

An unlikely romance blossoms between this former lady’s maid and wealthy young lawyer. Together they search for her siblings and seek to bring about changes to help British Home Children and their families. 

The working title for the first book is Finding Her Way Home, but I'm sure that will change. Would you like to see the Characters and setting? Click on over to my Finding Her Way Home Pinterest board and take a look.

Beth: I love the Canadian angle! We need more accurate stories about our northern neighbors!
Do you have any strange writing habits?

CT: Some of my best ideas come to me when I first wake up and I’m still in bed. I try to think through my next scene and what will happen to my characters. That’s great, as long as I don’t fall back asleep and lose it all!

Beth: Dozing off is an occupational hazard for a lot of writers whether it be early mornings or late nights!

What are your must-have writing supplies? (pen/paper, post-its, coffee, snacks, smartphone, facebook, etc.)

CT: I use a lot of yellow legal pads for taking notes while I’m doing research. I also use them when I’m first writing a new scene. For some reason writing longhand like that helps me get my creative juices flowing. Then I type up what I’ve written and can move ahead at a quicker pace.

Beth: Yellow is a cheerful color, can't beat that!

Are you more comfortable working in solitude or among a crowd? 

CT: I do my best writing when I’m alone and I can put my earphones in and listen to instrumental music. That really helps me focus and stay in the zone! 

Beth: Oh sweet solitude! Thank you so much for hanging out with us today, Carrie!

About the author...

Carrie Turansky has loved reading since she first visited the library as a young child and checked out a tall stack of picture books. Her love for writing began when she penned her first novel at age twelve. She is now the award-winning author of nineteen inspirational romance novels and novellas.

Carrie and her husband, Scott, who is a pastor, author, and speaker, have been married for more than thirty years and make their home in New Jersey. They often travel together on ministry trips and to visit their five adult children and five grandchildren.

Carrie leads women’s ministry at her church, and when she is not writing she enjoys spending time working in her flower gardens and cooking healthy meals for friends and family. She loves to connect with reading friends through her website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Say "hi" to Carrie in the comments and let's chat about some of the moments we've enjoyed with her and her stories!


  1. Good afternoon Beth and Carrie, I loved the interview!
    I love reading your books Carrie and your Pinterest boards are wonderful.
    I am so excited the CFRR is going to be so near my home town next year and I can attend! I cannot wait to meet the authors and fellow readers! Maybe I should practice a British accent before then and we can chat Carrie. ;-)
    Blessings, Tina

  2. Hi Tina, I am so thrilled to hear you'll be at CFRR next year! Yay! We can finally meet in person and I can give you a big hug and say thank you for all your encouragement and support. That will be real treat for me!

  3. Fun post, Carrie and Beth! It was so much fun meeting both of you at CFRR last year. You are both amazing ladies. I'm so looking forward to next year!

  4. Hi Winnie, thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to hear you'll be coming to CFRR next year! I will look forward to seeing you there!