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Candid Moments with CFRR author Eva Marie Everson

Thank you for providing a fun candid photo!

About Christian Fiction Readers Retreat...

In what ways have you participated in CFRR?

EME: I’ve never been, but I’m beyond excited that I’ll get to be a part of 2019. As both an author and speaker, I’m hoping that the CFRR team will use me in any way they see fit … whatever works best for them … I’m excited!

Rachel: Oh, I think we can put you to work hehe! I am so excited to meet you!!!

What part of CFRR are you most excited about?
EME: So often we writers are in a world of our own. We work alone. We go to writers retreats and conferences, which means that when we are with others, we are with other writers whose primary focus is not being readers. To me, the truly exciting part about CFRR is meeting readers. It’s always wonderful to receive fan mail, but to actually meet someone who loves your work, who you can ask questions such as “what did you think about this …” or “how did that affect you?” well … I can’t wait! (This is why I love going to book clubs!)

Rachel: Eeeeeep!!!! Can I go into fangirl mode????

Are you a hugger?

EME: I’m from the South. Of course, I am! 😊

Rachel: Ok good! We might have issues if you had said "No". Hehe!

Just for fun...

What secret talents do you have?  

EME: HA! I can pick up things with my toes.

Rachel: NO WAY!!! Me too...hehe! It's a family trait here.

Where is one place you want to visit that you haven't been before?  

EME: Ireland and Scotland (and I’m going next year!)

Rachel: Oh man! Trying really, REALLY hard not to be jealous.

What is something you want to accomplish before you die?  

EME: Driving the 7-mile bridge off of Key West. (I live in Florida. You’d think I would have done this by now!)

Rachel: No excuses! Hahaha!

If you didn't like writing books, what would you do for a living?  

EME: Travel Photo Journalist.

Rachel: OK, that sounds fabulous!

If you could have any accents from anywhere in the world, what would you choose?  

EME: I kinda like my Southern accent, but I suppose the Irish would be next (being that I’m SO Irish genealogically).

Rachel: YEEEEES!!!! I tend to just pick up whatever accent is around's an embarrasing trait.

About reading...

What's your favorite genre to read?   
Eva's Chair

Southern Fiction

Rachel: Why does that not surprise me?

When reading, do you block out the world around you or seek a quiet retreat?  

EME: I can do both, actually …

Rachel: It depends on WHAT is going on around me I think. Children screaming? Music playing? No problem...My best friend coming into the coffee shop? Not so much hehe!

Describe your favorite reading spot

EME: “My chair.” My back is to the water (although I know it’s there) and everything in the room is cozy and inviting.

Rachel: Oh I love it! I recently got a chair and it's my favorite place now!

How often do you pleasure-read?  

EME: Every day.

Rachel: Right answer!

Why do you think reading Christian Fiction is so important?  

EME: For several reasons:
1) Those of us who love words (and reading them) deserve to be able to do so without having to deal with genres we are not comfortable with.
2) Christian fiction is storytelling with a moral compass set to guide the reader toward something and Someone. Jesus used storytelling to draw all men to Him; we should be honored to know we are doing the same.

Rachel: Yes, yes, and yes!!!

About writing...
How many books have you written?  

EME: Somewhere between 35 and 40. (With the exception of one novel, I haven’t written anything (yet) that has gone unpublished.)

Rachel: Oh that's so exciting!!!!

What genres do you write?

EME: Primarily Southern fiction.

Rachel: Hehe!!!

What are you working on now? What is your next release?  

EME: A novel (working title), Dust. My next release is in Fall 2018: The Ornament Keeper (with New Hope), and my work Lillie Beth in Summer, which is part of a four-part anthology A Southern Season; Stories from a Front Porch Swing (with Firefly).

Rachel: Ahhhh! So many books!!!! YAY!

Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

EME: My house has to be clean. I cannot begin writing until I know that the laundry is going, the beds are made, the kitchen is tidied …

Rachel: I am similar with reading/blogging/etc. Sometimes I leave the dishes...only because I can't see them from my chair.

What part of the publishing/writing process do you most struggle with?

EME: Promotional “stuff.” I am, by nature, an introvert, so to “put myself out there,” isn’t easy.

Rachel: I can relate.

Which aspect is most natural for you?  

EME: Writing and editing. I love the process of both.

Rachel: That is probably a good thing, given your profession hehe!

What are your must-have writing supplies? (pen/paper, post-its, coffee, snacks, smartphone, facebook, etc.)  

EME: Journals for note keeping. Pens! Pens! Pens! (My company is Pen In Hand, Inc.). I do like a cup of coffee nearby, but (sadly) I often throw half of what I make away because once I get involved in the story, I forget who I am and what I’m doing. I also work best with music playing, especially the music of the era I’m writing about.

Rachel: I feel a kindred spirit here...because I AM THE SAME WAY! Granted not with writing books, but working and blogging hehe!

About the author...

Eva Marie Everson is a best-selling, multiple award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. She is the president of Word Weavers International and the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference. She enjoys teaching and speaking at writers conferences across the US as well as coaching new writers via her company, Pen In Hand, Inc.

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  1. Hi Eva Marie! I've heard great things about your books, but I haven't had the chance to read any yet. I hope to remedy that soon. I'm looking forward to meeting you next spring at CFRR, and, of course, seeing Rachel again!