Monday, August 20, 2018

Candid Moments with CFRR author Lindsey P. Brackett

Lindsey and her book baby! Awww! 

About Christian Fiction Readers Retreat...

In what ways have you participated in CFRR?

LB: CFRR 2019 will be my first year! I am so excited. I followed the buzz in 2017 and my friend, Kimberly Duffy, sent me pictures all day long of herself with her favorites, along with texts saying, “You have to come to this next year!” I attend several conferences each year, often as faculty, but the excitement surrounding CFRR tells me this will be a whole new experience.

I’m ready, got my roommate (the delightful Kristi Ann Hunter) and we’re looking at planning a little family time in DC for beforehand since that’s the kids’ spring break. As an aside, we love DC and travel there often with my husband’s job, so if anyone wants some tips on working the city with kids, let me know.

Beth: We so happy to have you and how wonderful that y'all can incorporate some family time!

What part of CFRR are you most excited about?

LB: I can’t wait to meet readers. There’s really nothing I love more than talking books, and even though I’ll be coming as an author, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a fan-girl. I’m looking forward to introducing my debut to some new hands, but I’m also excited to be part of the industry talk and to discover—what are readers wanting? How can we better serve them with the stories our hearts and fingers want to tell?

Beth: That's great! You'll be able to do it all!

Are you a hugger?

LB: I’m a Southern girl, so of course.

Beth: Me too!

Just for fun...

What secret talents do you have?

LB: People tell me I’m a great connector. I have a wide circle of interests and colleagues, so I’m pretty good at helping people network. At conferences, I’ll often spend mealtimes steering new writers toward agents, editors, or classes I think will benefit them most—because we all know conferences can be overwhelming. But at home, in the everyday, I love being a resource to people for books, podcasts, recipes, babysitters…

Beth: That is an excellent talent to have! What a blessing to everyone around you!
If you didn't like writing books, what would you do for a living?

LB: I’d take back my middle school classroom, but I’d probably be the teacher constantly in trouble for reading too many novels aloud. No apologies though. I firmly believe good literature is the foundation our students need to become communicators as adults.

Beth: I agree! We need more fiction in our lives, regardless of our age!

About reading...

How often do you pleasure read? 

LB: I read every day. It’s like breathing for me. Plus, it’s my job. Good writers are good readers.

Beth: A day in which I don't get to read is a sad day indeed!

How many books do you average per month?

LB: 3-5 is always the goal. Don’t rely on my Goodreads to be up to date, though. I’m terrible about tracking my reading, though I promise myself constantly I’ll get better.

But I’m always reading something non-fiction, something new that I’ve been looking forward to, and lately something my kids have asked me to read with them. So my nightstand is a constant jumble of YA, contemporary romance/women’s fic, southern literature, memoir, and creativity endeavors.

Beth: Variety is the spice of life!

About writing...

How many books have you written? Published?

LB: My current release, Still Waters, is my debut and the first book I ever wrote. (I know. Sometimes on white nights, I wish it was in a drawer, but then it wins an award or gets a great review and I just feel really, really blessed.)

I’ve got two other novels finished. One is coming up and one is being worked. 

Beth: Yay, Lindsey! 

What genres do you write?

LB: Apparently I don’t fit neatly into a genre. Still Waters is classified women’s fic, southern inspirational, and romance. I wrote a novel I thought was southern gothic, but apparently, it’s YA. My next book is probably more romance, but it’s really non-traditional.

I felt bad about not fitting a genre until a writer mentor of mine told me it’s because I studied theater and learned to assume many personas. Basically, I write what I enjoy reading and what I know. Which means you get a voice strong with my love of the South (especially family and food) with characters trying to make sense of things that just sometimes, make no sense.

Beth: I love this! Genres are overrated anyway.

What are you working on now? What is your next release?

LB: My next release (June 2019) is currently titled Like a River Flows. A stand-alone follow-up to Still Waters, this is a story about marriage—how we come together, how we might fall apart, and how we can find our way back to the thing that is meant to be. A lot of people are hoping it will continue Cora Anne and Tennessee’s romance from Still Waters, and while readers will get some swoony moments, this book isn’t only their story.

But in the meantime, readers can sign up for newsletter at and in the fall, you’ll receive a free download of my novella, Magnolia Mistletoe. This sweet Christmas romance fills in the gaps between the two novels and brings back Hannah and Ben, two of my favorite characters from Still Waters.

Beth: I cannot wait to read them!

Why do you think writing Christian fiction is important?

LB: Well, I told you I don’t fit neatly into a genre 😊 I think what’s more important than the label “Christian fiction” is that we, as Christians who are also writers, produce quality stories that reflect our worldview. All writers are under the influence of our own personal beliefs and experiences.

When we translate those into stories, we are setting hard to grasp ideas into realities (or alternate realities for my spec friends) where we offer a unique view of the world—one where (and this is my definition of Christian fiction)—there is always hope.

Beth: Well said! I can't wait to hug your neck for that answer!

What are your must-have writing supplies?

LB: Peanut M&Ms. Something to sip. In the mornings, it’s coffee or chai, but in the afternoons, I love my sweet tea. I also keep aqua notes in the shower because I think really well with soap in my hair. Find them on Amazon. And I love the notes app on my phone because if I’m out and about and struck with an idea, I just record it there.

You probably figured out I’m a pantser, so having lots of index cards and paper around tends to just make me more scattered. 

Thanks for having me. I am so honored to be among this group of talented writers!

Beth: I love M&Ms! We're so happy you dropped by for a chat!

About the author...

Award-winning writer, Lindsey P. Brackett “just writes life” in the midst of motherhood. Her debut novel, Still Waters, a Lowcountry story about the power of family and forgiveness, released in 2017. Called “a brilliant debut” with “exquisite writing,” Still Waters also received 4-stars from Romantic Times.

Lover of all things literary and Southern, Lindsey’s favorite days are spent on the back porch, sweet tea in hand, writing stories, reading books, and mentoring authors. A Georgia native, she makes her home—full of wet towels, lost library books, and strong coffee—at the foothills of Appalachia with her patient husband and their four rowdy children.

Say "hi" to Lindsey in the comments and let's chat in the comments about some of the moments we've enjoyed with her here and in her stories!


  1. Hi Lindsey! I'm looking forward to meeting you in person at CFRR 2019!

    1. Yes, please! I can't wait to make new connections.

  2. I just bought Lindsey’s book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. I look forward to meeting you in person!