Monday, March 4, 2019

Candid Moments with CFRR author Kimberley Woodhouse

Love that candid, Kimberley!

About Christian Fiction Readers Retreat...

In what ways have you participated in CFRR? 

KW: This (2019) is the first year I haven’t been on a book tour at the same time so I’m excited to participate!

Beth: Yay! I'm so glad it worked out for you to participate!

What is your favorite aspect of CFRR? 

KW: Connecting with readers!

Beth: The feeling is mutual, I assure you!

What part of CFRR are you most excited about?

KW: Simply getting to go! To see so many author friends and meet readers in person.

Beth: It's a big ol' book party! What's not to love?!

Are you a hugger?

KW: Yes! I’m Southern born and raised – and we hug a lot!

Beth: Hugs are the best!

Just for fun...

What is something you want to accomplish before you die?

KW: Get caught up 😊

Beth: LOL!

If you didn't like writing books, what would you do for a living?

KW: Teach Music. (Private Piano, Voice)

Beth: That sounds lovely! I enjoy one-on-one instruction.

About reading...
When reading, do you block out the world around you or seek a quiet retreat?

KW: I like quiet when I read.

Beth: Anytime quiet is an option, that's my preference!

How do you organize your books? 

KW: Alphabetical by author. I’ve got fifteen tall bookshelves full of fiction.

Beth: I think I need to come over for a visit!

How often do you pleasure-read? 

KW: Every day. One – I love it. Two – it’s important for an author to read, read, read. 😊

Beth: Smart lady!

About writing...

How many books have you written? published?

KW: 20+ My twentieth book releases this year – yay!

Beth: Congratulations! What an exciting milestone!

What genres do you write?

KW: Historical, Romantic Suspense, Non-fiction.

Beth: Variety is the spice of life!

What are you working on now? 

KW: Forever Hidden – book one in the Treasures of Nome series from Bethany House (January 2020).

Beth: Another new series, yay!

What is your next release?

KW: The Golden Bride – from Barbour (April, 2019)

Beth: Coming up soon!!!

What are your must-have writing supplies? 

KW: Post it notes, Levenger notebook with my loooooooong synopsis and important research printed out so I can make hand-written notes on it as I’m typing at the computer, water – lots of water.

Beth: Staying hydrated is very important!

Are you more comfortable working in solitude or among a crowd?

KW: Solitude and quiet!

Beth: Hmmm, seems like we mentioned this before... well, it's worth repeating!!

About the author...

Kimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than twenty fiction and nonfiction books. A popular speaker and teacher, she's shared her theme of "Joy Through Trials" with more than half a million people across the country at more than 2,000 events.

Kim and her incredible husband of twenty-five-plus years have two adult children. She's passionate about music and Bible study and loves the gift of story.

Say "hi" to Kimberley in the comments and let's chat in the comments about some of the moments we've enjoyed with her here and in her stories!

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  1. Hi Kimberley! I've enjoyed reading some of your books. I just finished Under the Midnight Sun. It was fantastic! I'm excited to meet you at CFRR!

    Thanks, Beth, for spotlighting some of the authors that will be there!